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Who are LDL...

LDL are distributors of high-quality furniture components, specialising in Blum fittings and storage solutions.
Every product is built to last, guaranteed for life. We endeavour to keep things simple, striving to make things easy for you –
we will not let you down..

Our 7 pledges...

LDL encompasses of 7 departments with 7 pledges to ensure we are focused on all aspects of the buisness, 
in order to provide you, our customer, with the best possible experience.

1. Accounting

To be accurate, professional and friendly.

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Inspiring confidence by acting with integrity, we will process transactions promptly and provide clear information when needed.


2. Marketing


We fully understand our customers. 


We seek to communicate concisely, endeavouring to inspire and educate by providing high quality marketing material. Allowing the benefits of our products to be clearly demonstrated to the end consumer.

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3. Purchasing

In stock, in full and on time.

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We build and maintain relationships with partners to make sure we have what you need, when you need it.



4. Fulfilment

We get it right, first time, every time. 

From arrival with us to delivery with you, trust in us to process and fulfil your order to the highest of standards.

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5. Customer experience

Your priority is our priority.

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Providing expert support in a friendly professional manner, to maintain relationships and forge new partnerships. You can trust us.


6. Production


Bespoke products manufactured to last. 

Promoting ease and simplicity through our precision and care. That’s what makes the 3D way - the only way.


7. Operations

Continuously challenging the normal.

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To improve processes, quality, productivity and efficiency. We build trust, deliver high quality support and develop simple yet innovative solutions.


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Our customers come in all shapes and sizes.


From household names to small bespoke furniture manufacturers working from remote locations,
we currently service thousands of customers, most of them producing and or retailing fitted kitchen, bedroom or bathroom furniture.

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