Integrated waste solutions

On average, the waste bin is opened 32 times per day which makes it an important piece of equipment when planning your kitchen.   

The humble waste bin plays a major role in the home and is now considered to be a crucial part when planning a kitchen. Choosing different sizes and shapes of containers to suit different sorts of waste saves time spent sorting - which is a perfect solution for busy households. Integrated bins sit neatly in kitchen units and remove unsightly, traditional free-standing bins from you and your guests’ view, making your kitchen area a great space to entertain in!

ldl integrated waste solution

There is a vast choice of waste bins for kitchens and it’s just as well, as every household is different, so your waste separation system should be suitable for your kitchen. Kitchen bins are a vital way to keep communal space clean and hygienic. The number of compartments, style and location are just some of the considerations when choosing.Dealing with bins can be a nuisance. They smell bad, they overflow, and the bags are hard to remove – all of that makes disposing of household waste a real pain. Considered and robust waste solutions take all the stress out of household waste management. 

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Children nowadays are taught the three R's in school: Reduce, Re-use, it's usually the adults that need to catch up!

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If you can’t reduce your use of something, reuse it. And if you can’t reuse it, recycle it!

Effective segregation means that less waste goes to landfill which makes for a healthier environment. Besides the environment, there are also a number of other important reasons why waste segregation should be encouraged; legal obligations, cost savings and protection of human health. On average, households in England generate 500kg waste per year, which all needs to be collected, sorted and disposed of. Well-organised waste separation means that the different materials can be recycled as valuable raw materials and fed back into a cycle that protects our environment, whilst also noticeably reducing the cost of waste disposal.

Introducing the NEW range of built-in waste solutions ECO...

Our NEW range of integrated waste solutions work with both TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX drawer systems, giving you complete flexibility of choice with a preference of top or base mounted bins. We know the importance of having a reliable, strong and sturdy bin so like
all of our products, ECO comes with a lifetime Guarantee.


The ECO-top is the strong & sturdy, top mounted bin.
Powered by Blum.

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Works in partnership with Blum TANDEMBOX and seamlessly harmonises with other Orion Grey Blum products.


Perfectly Matched Colour, High-Quality Bins.

The new range of ECO bins perfectly match with the popular Orion Grey colour for a seamless integration with other Blum products and storage solutions. The bins won’t crack and discolour with age due to the high-quality polymers used to manufacture the bins.

ECO-top INTEGRATED WASTE BIN - extra strong handlesECO-top INTEGRATED WASTE BIN - odour lidECO-top INTEGRATED WASTE BIN - bio-binECO-top INTEGRATED WASTE BIN - stability bracket

A Bin For Every Size Cabinet.

ECO-top is available to suit most popular cabinet widths. We understand that different kitchens have different requirements, from larger bin capacity’s (84L) to well considered recycling and segregation needs, ECO-top caters for all environments.


Convenient Shelf.

The shelf located on the top of bin is ideal for storing bin bags and other cleaning items. The shelf can also be easily cut to cater for pipe work under a sink area.

Easy to Install. 

ECO-top is incredibly easy to install, thanks to the pre-assembled frame system.



The ECO-base range of integrated waste bins is the ultimate solution for the kitchen.
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With a higher demand for larger bins and more choice needed for recycling and segregation, the base offers the largest bin capacities than any other integrated waste bin solution.


Larger Bins, Greater Capacities.

The ECO-PLUS utilises the entire footprint of the cabinet with no wasted space - allowing for larger bin capacities and an increase in the individual waste bins per cabinet.


Perfectly Organised.

The additional utility drawer positioned on top of the bins allows for spare bin bags and accessories to be stored and kept organsied. All drawers are provided with Blum AMBIA-LINE inner dividing systems - keeping drawers beautifully organised. The flexible cross dividers can be easily adapted to the size of storage items.




Strong & Stable. 

With high sided drawers and an additional cross divider, the bins don't wobble or move when the drawers are opened and closed.

Easy to Clean. 

Non slipping matting included within the drawers can be easily removed and cleaned.



Colour: The drawer is available in 4 colours: Orion Grey, Stainless Steel, Silk White and Terra Black.
Motions: Three motion technologies are available. BLUMOTION, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and SERVO-DRIVE - The ideal solution for handleless kitchens


Quick and easy installation.

The ECO-PLUS is incredibly simple to install and is delivered fully assmebled with bins in positon. Simple to use Installation instructions are also supplied.



ECO-SINK (base-mounted version)

The practical and space-saving waste solution specifically designed to fit under the sink.
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Eco-sink waste solutions have been specifically designed to fit neatly in a LEGRABOX drawer system with stable holders and an easy-clean matting to secure the positioning of the bins, cleverly utilising the space and leaving enough room for plumbing.


Eco-sink benefits

The cabinet excels in terms of practical organisation, hygiene and enhanced user convenience. The additional pull-out shelf gives you extra storage space, ideal for keeping additional cleaning utensils such as sponges, cleaning cloths and waste bin liners.

ECO-sink INTEGRATED WASTE BIN - easy to cleanECO-sink INTEGRATED WASTE BIN - easy to clip bin bags


A Bin For Every Size Cabinet.

ECO-sink waste solutions fit perfectly in the popular 600mm cabinet width and are available in depths of 400mm & 450mm. Available in 3 bin configurations to cater for the different needs of the household. Choose the containers you want and arrange them however you like with a pull-out metal shelf offering extra storage space.





ECO-SINK (top mounted version)

ECO-sink top-mounted waste solution is designed to fit within a 600mm cabinet, utilising all the available space.
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The extra sturdy handles means that the bins can be easily removed. The shelf located on the top of bin is ideal for storing bin bags and other cleaning items. The shelf can also be easily cut to cater for pipe work under the sink area.

Are you a retailer?

The NEW range of waste solutions powered by Blum provide the perfect solution for every customer and are pre-assembled, making it an easy solution for the kitchen fitter. LDL offers generous showroom incentives for all of our ECO waste bin solutions. Please get in touch and learn how we can help.

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