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Furnipart is a Danish design company but Furnipart is more than just Danish design. Their collaborations with both Danish and international designers means they have an international outlook and international reach.

Everyone at furnipart shares one thing in common – a passion for design that helps people create homes that are beautiful and personal. They experiment, are inquisitive and not afraid to challenge thereselves or others. They love to work with new designers and raise the bar in terms of what’s possible.

Furnipart don’t follow trends, they create them.



The Design Process

Furnipart's ability to identify new trends and understand how these trends can best be incorporated within a design is due to a creative team, who are passionate about design and styling.

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Despite the different looks, a handle or knob from furnipart always radiates a kind of serenity that comes from the well-thought-out details and clean lines. Nothing is left to chance.

All of the products that are sent from the furnipart warehouse in Hinnerup have been carefully designed and created in close dialogue with both Danish and international designers, giving them 
the freedom to create designs with personal interpretations of the trends they identify. This working process means that time and time again, furnipart designs are trendsetting for the entire industry. Never doubt for a second that they are just a Danish design company. Danish design tradition is deeply rooted in our DNA and it is what makes our designs so recognisable.

Furnipart see time after time, that a small design detail such as a handle, often ends up capturing the greatest attention in a new kitchen or bathroom. It is the small details that help to emphasise the style that has been chosen in a home and that attention must be rewarded with a beautiful design. This is what their work is based on and it is the driving force behind all of the collections.

Unsurpassed Furnipart Quality.

A furnipart handle is characterised by unsurpassed quality. Quality that can be seen and felt. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to our handles.

The design process takes six months and includes a large number of processes that ensure the end product meets our stringent quality requirements.




Quality & Control

Every single one of Furnipart's handles undergoes a large number of tests, carried out in production and at our own laboratory in Hinnerup.

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Their quality control team are extremely thorough in their work. The surfaces on all of our handles are inspected to ensure that both colour and gloss is exactly right. By checking colour and gloss, our customers are ensured that our products are the same every time. 

Furnipart's collaboration with the most talented designers.


Furnipart has a long tradition of collaborating with both well-established and new designers from home and abroad. They take great pride in finding unique designs that fit into our design profile. 

It is therefore no coincidence that when they find a new design partner - a careful assessment is made to make sure the designer matches furnipart.



Furnipart’s drive to attain sustainable production seriously got underway in 2018. 

Furnipart decided they they needed to use an external body that was highly credible which had an international reputation and would manage the process of documenting our results – they chose the non-profit 'Cradle to Cradle' Products Innovation Institute, which is represented in Denmark by Vugge til Vugge Aps.


Each stage of production of aluminium profiles is reviewed and documented in relation to the set requirements. Furnipart were also certified to Bronze achievement level in 2018. The certification also obligates them to continue to work to improve production, so that they can document progress when they undergo re-certification every other year.


A healthy Environment

Furnipart wants their employees to work in a healthy working environment, which through development and training contributes positively to their professionalism.

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They give employees the option to develop and support both their physical and mental health and well-being. Sustainability is a natural part of Furnipart's vision - not because it generates more turnover but because it is the right thing to do.

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