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AVENTOS lift systems bring top quality motion to wall cabinets. Even large and heavy fronts open with ultimate ease. What makes AVENTOS especially practical is that it gives users easy access to contents and full freedom of movement.



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Full access

AVENTOS gives users full freedom of movement, keeping fronts well out of their way.

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Wall cabinets can be left open without hampering kitchen use. Blumotion provides silent and effortless closing action.

Supreme opening and closing ease.

AVENTOS combines easy opening with integrated BLUMOTION, making opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience. To implement handle-less wall cabinets, simply equip the lift system with a motion technology like SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON.


Holds in any position

Adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the front and it will stay exactly where you want it to.

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It will always be within easy reach for closing. High stability, an elegant design and high durability.

Harmonious design.

Large, wide fronts and thin gaps for an uninterrupted, smooth look. AVENTOS allows you to carry through the design - from wall cabinets to base units.


Our lift systems at a glance. 

Small lift system, packed with functionality.




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