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The name Blum stands for innovation, dedicated employees and international market presence. Julius Blum founded the company on 1 March 1952. His first product was a horseshoe stud. Today they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings.

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The history of Blum...




Where it all began

Julius Blum, a farrier and carriage smith by trade, founded his company on 1 March 1952. His first product is a horseshoe stud which prevents horses from slipping.

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By 1958, Blum makes its first furniture hinge: the ANUBA hinge for doors, windows and furniture. 1964 see the Blum start to produce concealed furniture hinges.



1981 - New assembly devices

The new MINIPRESS drilling and insertion machine and MINIFIX assembly device support customers with manufacturing and assembly.

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Today, Blum product assembly is made as easy and efficient as possible - offering suitable assembly devices for all blum products.



1984 - Production in the USA begins with hinges and drawer runners.



2001 - Blumotion

Drawers, wall cabinets and doors close softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION.

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Thanks to soft-close BLUMOTION, furniture closes softly and effortlessly no matter how hard you slam fronts, doors or pull-outs or how heavy they are. The soft-close feature is integrated into lift systems, hinges and pull-out systems.


2003 - DYNAMIC SPACE by Blum.
Blum presents new ways to maximise storage space and provide top quality motion. The company launches special applications such as SPACE TOWER and SPACE CORNER.



- Box system with straight drawer sides.
The LEGRABOX box system, MOVENTO runner system and SERVO-DRIVE uno are presented for the first time.





Blum launches AMBIA-LINE inner dividing systems for LEGRABOX. 

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The inner dividing system for LEGRABOX consists of elegant frames which beautifully organise furniture interiors throughout the home.


2015 - 4 motion technologies.
Whether mechanical or electrical, Blum's four motion technologies can be combined as required. They deliver user convenience to handle-less furniture throughout the home.




Decades of commitment to environmental protection.

Taking care of the environment and its resources is very important to Blum. Their measures to make their business as gentle on the environment as possible have exceeded legal requirements for decades. For Blum, sustainability means taking responsibility. Resource and energy management measures include heat recovery systems, building insulation, intelligent heating control systems, ground water cooling and energy efficient lighting systems with LED technology. These measures have been pursued for decades. In addition to reusable cardboard packaging, we have been using another environmentally-friendly packaging system for over ten years: ECO-Pack was specially developed by Blum. 



Quality & Innovation.

Quality tailored to the customers needs.

Blum's quality revolves around one key question: Do our products meet our customers’ needs? And because needs change over time, they talk to their customers, they listen to them, ask questions and continuously develop the requirements of their products and services. There's motion, and then there's motion. Quality lies in attention to detail. The function and durability of Blum fittings are designed to inspire on a daily basis. 

As a manufacturer of fittings, Blum do a great deal to ensure that their products inspire users a furniture lifetime: they do research, conduct tests and carry out ongoing optimisations. For Blum, product quality is not just about design and function. Blum's fittings suit a wide range of applications and can be assembled and installed with utmost precision.

Blum is not just a supplier of top quality products. They develop solutions that allow customers to further enhance the quality of day-to-day operations. They rack their brains over the processes - from ordering the right fittings and manufacturing perfect furniture to successfully selling kitchens. 





Top quality for all customers around the globe.

Blum select their sites on the basis of local demand, logistical infrastructure and the availability of qualified employees. Blum's goal is to best serve their customers.

Austria, USA, Brazil & Poland.


The Blum Experience Centre.

Moving ideas with Blum.

Plan a visit to Blum's immersive experience facility based at our UK office and distribution hub in Milton Keynes. The Experience Centre is 11,500 sq ft of interactive displays: A place where they challenge ideas and think differently. It’s a state-of-the-art facility, where customers can experience not only Blum’s products but also its services, its people, its heritage and culture.​ Experience first hand Blum's, lift, hinge and runner systems and four different motion technologies throughout the entire Blum Experience Centre.


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