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Kitchen cupboards make up the majority of storage space in a kitchen, so it's a key area in which to maximise interior capacity. The roomiest cupboards in the world, though, will make no difference to a client who can't easily access all the pots, pans and produce they've stored inside. Corner cupboards are notoriously the worst offenders for having hard to reach zones, often being too deep for people to easily reach inside and find what they're looking for.

LDL has a wide range of options to help you make the most of every inch of corner space. We have traditional chrome or thermoplastic carousels, available as either a ½ or ¾ depending on your needs. Alternatively, the PEKA Non-Slip Fluid Corner System (named for the fluid way it gently pulls out of corner cupboards) brings the entire cupboard contents out in the open to be perused more easily. If you have a have deep cupboard, a PEKA Magic Corner may be the better option. Swinging out the front shelves on their slow stop hinges allows the back or side shelves to swing forwards, giving you double the storage space instantly.

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