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Fantastic furniture can so easily be ruined by a terrible selection of handles, just as the right choice can provide an instant lift to any cabinet. Whether you are opting for a contemporary or traditional look, the handle helps define your style - and, if not carefully selected, creates a clashing mishmash of trends that throws the whole area out of balance. Just imagine how your current cabinets would look with antique knobs or brushed steel handlebars, and you'll appreciate how your choices influence the overall look of the room. Whatever style of fittings you may be going for, handles represent that important finishing touch, the last elements that ties the room together.

However, while the style is very important, good design means the handle must also succeed on practical grounds, being comfortable to hold, easy to use, and quick to clean. That's why we've got a vast range of styles, finishes and materials on offer from designers such as Furnipart & FingerTip, to make sure that neither function nor form gets left behind. Sorted both by designer and by style, it's now easier than ever to find the right handle for your furniture.

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